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Update Los Angeles Autoshow Photo Coverage

Well we got around to visiting the LA Autoshow and got pics of the somer of the vehicles you guys are looking forward to like th Nissan GT-R, Lancer Evolution, Hyundai Concept Genesis, Mercedes McLaren SLR and so many other vehicles. The main thing I noticed this year was the huge focus on hybrid or clean vehicles they dominated the show it seems everyone had one but dont worry we skipped most of them because we know our readers like the smell of octane in the morning.

View our slideshow.

Los Angeles Auto Show 2007

The Los Angeles Auto show is open November 16-25 and though we won't be covering the show until Nov. 20th we thought we would bring you some video highlights via youtube.

2007 Los Angeles Auto Show Highlights by Inside Line

Also appearing at the show is the latest special edition of Mustang available from for the Bullitt.

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt by Edmunds' Inside Line

Check back later next week for more coverage!

For more information on the Los Angeles Auto Show visit:
Need For Speed: Pro Street

EA has unveiled the first set of vehicles to be featured in thier newest NFS game Pro Street with the Nissan GT-R PROTO leading the pack. If your a gamer or car enthusiast you are probably all too familiar with the NFS series.

Other cars announced are:

* 1970 Plymouth® Hemi® Cuda
* 1995 Mazda RX-7
* 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse
* 2006 Audi S4
* 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS AE86
* 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION IX MR-edition
* 2006 Volkswagen Golf GTI
* 2008 BMW M3

Pro Street is set to hit the streets at your favorite retailers October 31st, 2007. For the latest news, screenshots, videos and updates check out: www.needforspeed.com

1350 HP Beetle?

What do you do when you have a "fancy engineering degree" and a Volkwagen Beetle? Well you build a Street Legal Jet Powered Beetle of course. Ron Patrick of California who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, has built a jet engine and installed it onto his VW Beetle. Ron left the production motor in the front and the jet engine in the back making this jet powered Beetle totally street legal. He uses the OEM motor on the street, and can fire up the jet engine off the highway.

The jet engine is rated at an incredible 1350 hp, spins up to 26,000 RPM (idle is 13,000 RPM), and draws air at 11,000 CFM. That enough force to suck the rose out of the bud vase he says on his website. Don't even think about pulling up to this guy on the line, your more than likely to be left a little toasty by the afterburner.

We all dream about hooking up a jet engine to our vehicle especially when you have someone tailgating you on the freeway. It takes a person dedicated to his hobby to actually do it, whats his next project you might ask. Well on his website he is working on suping up his wifes Honda Metropolitan scooter with smaller jet engines.

I found a video online showing Ron Demonstrating his VW:

For more photos and information visit: www.ronpatrickstuff.com
Photos Courtesy of Ron Patrick

WANTED: Your Help

Well here at ImportCarSite.com we are going to start writing more articles and we need your help. If you have a new or unique product coming out that is related to cars, racing dvd's, or other related things let us know. Also we are looking for import cars and sport compact cars to feature on the site, so if you have a sweet ride and photos email us some spec. info and photos.

Drop us a line : mail@importcarsite.com

The Latest Car Video Games

Check out our video game section to see whats new, like Gran Turismo 4, Street Racing Syndicate, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and more complete with screen shots, and video trailers.
Check It Out: Gaming News

How Hot Is Your Honda?

Motostorm has just what you need to make your Honda hotter, with their chrome flamed Honda emblems. This is a great look to dress-up the sides of your Honda without adding the plastic Type R when your ride isn't a Type R, come on you know who you are...check out the rest of their products as well.
Get It: Motostorm

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