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There are several ways you can advertise or promote your site on our site:

Get Listed In Our Shopping Directory
Join Our Top 100 TopSites List
Sponsor A Contest
Banner Advertising
Link Exchange

Get Listed In Our Shopping Directory:
If you sell products that are related to our site or a site that has our similar demographics (mostly male 16 to 35) or if you products and/or services fit in one of our categories, then this may be for you. Are shopping directory pages are our Parts section, and Hot Gear section - for apparel etc.

It is free if your site offers an affiliate program, e-mail us at advertising@importcarsite.com and let us know about your affiliate program.

Otherwise the listing fee is as low as $40 per year e-mail us at advertising@importcarsite.com with your companies info. and site information, as well as category you want to be listed in.

Join Our Top 100 Sites List:
Just click here to list you site within out top sites directory. Then place a banner or text link on your site that links to our Top 100 Site and the more traffic you generate toward Our Top 100 Site the higher your sight will be ranked on our list.

Sponsor A Contest:
Sponsoring a contest will get you more traffic to your site. We will link directly to your site and promote the site and contest on our home page.

So how do you sponsor it you ask, by supplying the prize(s), and another sure way to further generate traffic to your site would be to offer everyone who enters the contest a discount, coupon code or free shipping etc. something that is not already advertised on your site as an extra incentive for them to buy from your site.

To Sponsor A Contest e-mail us: advertising@importcarsite.com and give us your information.

Banner Advertising:
We now have banner advertising programs available and we will be posting rates shortly.

Contact us by e-mail us at: advertising@importcarsite.com if your interested and give us your contact information, name, company, and email will do.

Link Exchange:
If you want exchange links from our Links Section you can request a link by e-mailling us here at linkexchange@importcarsite.com. Make sure you include the location of where you already placed our banner on your site. You can pick a banner from our "Link To Us" page. Also include the name of your site and a short description. We do not exchange links with retail or ecommerce sites, retail sites can advertise with us though.

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