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XM2Go Satelite Radio For Your Car, Home And On The Go!

The Delphi XM MyFi™ is the world's first XM2go receiver — a personal XM satellite radio. The MyFi includes everything you need to enjoy XM anywhere - in the home, in the car, and on the go.

Newest satellite radio receiver includes time-shifting "memory mode" and integrated rechargeable battery so you can listen to XM Satellite Radio at home, in the car, or on the go!


The First of its Kind
MyFi is a revolution in portable Audio, playing XM's Ultimate Playlist™ anytime, effortlessly

All You Need to Enjoy XM Anywhere
Includes car kit, home kit, rechargeable battery, headphones, antennas and more.

Memory Mode
Store up to 5 hours of fresh new XM content - with no computer downloading or list management. Absolutely no computer needed.

Live Mode
Hear over 130 digital XM channels live coast to coast by satellite

Rechargeable Battery
Automatically charges and provides 5 hours for travel or play

Built-in Wireless FM Transmitter
MyFi can wirelessly transmit to any FM radio speaker system, car, home or portable.

Large, illuminated six-line LCD display with personal stock ticker, sports score ticker, clock, alarm & more

Hand-held MyFi receiver (weight: 7.3 ounces)
Rechargeable, integrated battery
Complete home accessory kit
Complete vehicle accessory kit
First-ever built-in XM antenna
Remote control
Belt clip/stand
Carrying case

Large, illuminated six-line LCD display
Up to 30 channel presets
Live XM listening mode
My XM™ time-shifting memory mode (maximum of 5 hours)
Stock ticker
Sports score ticker
Built-in wireless FM transmitter makes any FM radio an XM Radio
Built-in alarm clock

Below is a photo of included accessories.

Get It: Delphi SA10113 Portable XM2Go Receiver
Pioneer's "All-In-One" AVIC-N1
With DVD/CD/MP3/GPS/Navigation/VDD the AVIC-N1 has it all (with a touch screen), and you can get some great accessories for it too like a rear view camera, it is XM Satellite Radio ready, voice recognition and steering wheel remote, rear seat remote for additional back seat monitors, and DVD or CD Changers avail.
Vehicle Dynamics Display
The photo below shows the day (left) and night (right) screen of the VDD (Vehicle Dynamics Display) which is like virtual glowing gauges. The AVIC-N1's super accurate sensors (G Force, Gyro, Speed and GPS) can measure:
Acceleration/Braking - Measures forward and backward G-Force and provides peak hold indicator
Lateral G Force - Indicates maximum cornering force and provides peak hold indicator
Speed - Provides MPH
Angular - Velocity - Measures turn rate
Slope - Indicates the incline of your vehicle
Voltage - Keep tabs on the vehicle's electrical system in volts
Compass - Indicates your current direction: north, south, east or west
Clock - No excuse to be late except that you were playing with your car

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